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Update 05/05/09

Interview with Infestvvs of French Black Metal band Glorior Belli

update 03/04/08

Gig review of Infantiphagia, Deepseed, Cayuga

Update 02/17/08

WSWB gets a facelift after more than a year in hibernation. Currently seeking reviewers / writers / photographers / musicians and bands. Specifically seeking the above in the Northeastern US and Canada.

Update 01/03/07

First update of the year starts things off right! Interview with Mendoz, guitarist of one of the most amazing and unsung bands in America today, Chicago-based Symphonic Black Metal band Veneficum.

Update 12/26/06

Largest addition to the MySpace Bands page yet, probably 70 or more.

Update 12/24/06

Yes, even MORE additions to the MySpace Bands page.

Update 12/19/06

Even MORE additions to the MySpace Bands page. Over 20 bands added and pages broken into sections for easier surfing.

Update 12/18/06

More additions to the MySpace Bands page. Over a dozen more bands added.

Update 12/16/06

Interview with eclectic and enigmatic musician Oplexicon.

MySpace Bands page created!! Over 50 bands with links to music added tonight! MANY, many more to come! Don't just read about the bands, LISTEN to them!

Update 12/12/06

Interview with guitarist Mictian of Pennsylvania's only Lycanthropic Metal band, Permanent Midnight.

Update 12/10/06

Ridiculously long and totally unnecessary multiple bio pages of your humble webmaster, Skalk Bloodaxe.

Update 12/09/06

Interview with Hebbe of Swedish Folk Metal band Skald.

Update 12/03/06

Kampfar review

Update 11/30/06

Interview with Bill of the crushing NJ based Black Death Metal band Mourning

Update 11/29/06

Interview with Autarch of CA-based Black Thrashers Lightning Swords of Death

Update 11/19/06

Interview with Ophicvs of raw Columbian Black Metal War masters LUCERA

Update 10/27/06

Interview with Derin of CA-based Thrash Metal band Army of Darkness

Update 10/15/06

Interview with solo musician Ditter for his project Fjord

Update 10/14/06

WSWB has it's first interview ever! Hails to Gwynbleidd!

Update 10/13/06

All hail the coming of the new Stormrider album! Anyone that has known me for more than 5 minutes knows that I absolutely love this band. Click here to read the review of "First Battle Won". You can expect all that and more on the upcoming album "Lucifer Rising". Click here to go to the Stormrider site, and be sure to check out their MySpace page for two songs from the new album! All hail Stormrider!

Update 05/25/06

Veneficum added to Featured Bands

Update 05/24/06

The following bands have been added to the Band Profiles section.





Update 05/22/06

The following bands have been added to the Band Profiles section.


Behead The Romantic

Dead Mountain



Ever Dark

Sepia Dreamer




Withering Soul

Update 01/03/06

Eternity Void Review

Update 12/04/05

Visions Of The Underground created. Check it out and send me stuff to post on it.

Update 11/28/05

Labei Ritual and Bloodthrone added to Band Profiles

Update 11/27/05

Gig reviews section finally added

Stormrider and Korvus added to Band Profiles

Cool Links added to site

Update 11/14/05

Warthrone Review

Warthrone Profile

Stormrider Review

Stormrider Profile

Ash Profile

Apocalypse Profile