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The following is an online interview with the mighty Ophicvs of Columbian Black War Metal LUCERA. They have a long history and are on the rise once again. LUCERA has four songs available on their MySpace page for listening. All hail LUCERA!

WSWB- Darkest hails, Ophicvs! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Ophicvs- I thank you on behalf of LUCERA for doing this and for your support.

WSWB- Lucera deserves that support! I still remember the very first time I heard you... absolutely brutal fucking hatred and death! I'm really into your sound and your message. How did this all start for you?

Ophicvs- Well...back in 1993 Buziraco came up with the idea of starting the first Black Metal band that means speed....The band started under influences from Norse bands such as Immortal, Emperor. Also some influences such as Impaled Nazarene...and of course OLD SCHOOL pioneers such as Venom, Possessed and Destruction among others...I became involved with the band after I serve for 2 years in the Colombian army, joint as the bass player and keyboards

WSWB- Do you mind if I ask you about your time in service?

Ophicvs- Colombia has a 60 year civil war against the communists...and the new government still fighting. The Communist like the FARC and ELN are the most feared in our country. They want to create another Cuba in our country...most Colombian don’t want that...so during this whole years communists and government were disputing for what’s right for our country...then the wave of violence is unstoppable....they are vicious terrorists. Guerrillas finance their plans by dealing in narcotraffic or get funds from private individuals. is a very long issue to explain in this interview...there is lots of information about it...but it will take the entire night...About my involvement with Colombian army, All young men after graduating from High School is required by law to fulfill military duty for a couple years in order to obtain job or superior education in the future. However there were exceptions in which rich parents bribe the recruitment officers to let their sons skip this duty because they fear their sons to be killed in action, the other exceptions are if you were the only son because of casualties of war.

WSWB- I asked because I've seen images of that struggle. They were brutal. Glad you made it through and that you're making it still today. How much of your prior experience comes through in Lucera?

Ophicvs- Before I joined them, the band already had few tracks worked out...lyrics were influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche, Hitler, Miguel Serrano, South American mythology. Buziraco and Solrackdoom already established this ideal and applied to the band. In 1995 I started introducing the keyboards, since there were no EXTREME Black Metal bands using keyboards. That gave LUCERA unique atmosphere sounds mixed with wrenching vocals and swift cold metal guitar. As a musician I started with LUCERA

WSWB- Every element in LUCERA lends to the overall atmosphere. The keys really add an extra layer of atmosphere, like the intro for "CrimsonGardensMentalTorture"... the crushing weight cannot be denied, and is the perfect compliment to the guitars. You must experiment a lot with different tones, as the guitars seem to intentionally change from one song to the next.

Ophicvs- Indeed....not melodic keys but complement to carry on the violent riffs recreating pure barbaric Colombian violence....that’s why we conclude: the devil has overtaken our precious paradise. Our country is full of evil without boundaries

WSWB- What is it like playing gigs in Columbia? Is there much of an active local scene?

Ophicvs- Oh man... you won’t believe… Colombia has a strong metal scene...better than the USA...European and American bands loved to give concerts there...cos they sell their product to thousands of Colombian Metalmaniacs...is the best bands end up the tours happy for such support....South America in general is a great place for metal shows...

WSWB- It is a culture I have never experienced, but whenever I read reviews from bands that have toured there (Marduk, Mystic Circle, etc) they are raving about the fans. When was the last time you played live, and who did you play with?

Ophicvs- It was in 1996 in the first Black Metal festival held in our native city of Cali. We got positive response from the public, even tho' we were very young. As a matter of fact, we were the only fast paced Black Metal band in that concert, and perhaps we were back then the fastest in our nation. Now, new bands from Colombia have emerged with extreme qualities. That was our only first big gig, but was very satisfactory experience for us.

WSWB- What does the future hold for LUCERA with regards to live shows?

Ophicvs- We had planned to give a show last summer, but recently my wife and I are expecting a child. I stayed and took care of her so that pretty much ruined the plan. Even tho' we are busy guys with life, we are looking forward to spill our Raw Colombian Black Metal guts to our supporters. Hopefully next summer we'll do in Florida. For now we are concentrating work on couple new tracks and print a CD.

WSWB- Sorry about the tour, but congrads on the child. Next summer holds more promise, we can wait. I've heard the newer releases through your MySpace. The direction you are taking is still as intense as ever. When do you think the new CD will be coming out?

Ophicvs- We are not sure, but hopefully this incoming winter… yeah, and wait to hear more. The only calm slow pieces we got is some interludes in classical guitar performed by Buziraco, but very melancholic post war feeling… like after a nuke hit us and all we can do is sit and cry for the remains. We tried to post it but...MySpace uploads are limited...you know

WSWB- That sounds awesome! I'm really looking forward to that coming out. When it gets closer, let me know. And speaking of MySpace, it seems like it is working out for you pretty well. You have a lot of hits and a lot of plays. How much has your fan base expanded because of your MySpace page do you think?

Ophicvs- Oh man… first at all...you will be the first to know of our release...second, MySpace is a very useful tool to advertise your band....we have over thousand supporters. That keeps us in continuing producing more sonic destruction to satisfy anger thirsty Metalmaniacs...

WSWB- Your page mentions a lineup change. Is this going to affect the direction LUCERA is heading in the future?

Ophicvs- Not at all...the new tracks were mixed with the new vocal...He is a very good friend of us and the most important fact, that he is Colombian and understands our ultraviolent message....we believe LUCERA has good future...so far our lyrics are unique. WE TALK ABOUT OUR VIOLENT CULTURE...almost no Colombian bands do this...For example The Track Peinilla (machete) Law...is based of the barbaric fights between Colombian country men. And is probably the most useful weapon for the poor in the rural areas and some cities to defend property and lives. And the best thing is MANY PEOPLE LOVED THIS ... MOSTLY PEOPLE FROM OVERSEAS THAN FROM OUR COUNTRY. That's part of our identity as band.

WSWB- LUCERA connects across international and cultural boundaries, for sure. And seeing how you have a strong and focused future, no doubt that will remain for as long as LUCERA continues to blacken the earth with dissonant War Metal.

Ophicvs- Man...all I can say is thank you so much for your interest in our band....and wanna thank the all Metalmaniacs out there supporting us... as long as we breath, LUCERA will be the same and strong fucking metal for the days to come......good luck my friend