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"Featured bands" are bands we've gotten into recently, and they made quite an impact. This page will be updated from time to time, but not just "any" band will wind up here. If a band is on this page, you can bet we like them a LOT.


VENEFICUM- Veneficum is a Symphonic Black Metal band that hails from Chicago, IL USA. They formed in '98-'99 and to date have released two full albums (Dysphoria, 2001 and Enigma Prognosis, 2004) and one demo (1999). Like many bands, Veneficum has had its share of lineup changes, but that has hardly slowed the momentum of this amazing band. Venificum plays aggressive and powerful Symphonic Black Metal, but also throws a new twist into the genre by blending harmonized guitars with sweeping keys (that have one of the best tones I've ever heard from a band that uses keys, and that's saying a lot) and tragically painful vocals that convey such loss and despair. The combination of tragic beauty and desperate darkness has really sunk into me. This is masterful work. Venificum has a website and are also on MySpace.


WARTHRONE- Warthrone is a new American Black/Death Metal entity formed by Erik Sayenga(ex-Dying Fetus, Witch-hunt) Richard Johnson (ex-Witch hunt, Sanguinary and Laceration) and Kristel (ex- Witch-hunt, Dark purity). I checked them out for the Witch-Hunt connection, and was well pleased. They currently have a 6 song EP titled "Ghoststorm Eulogy". Read the review here. Warthone is on MySpace ( http://www.myspace.com/warthrone ), has a homepage ( http://www.warthrone.net ) and produces their own label ( http://www.ghoststormrecords.com ). I'm really looking forward to the first full-length efffot this band does. (Skalk)


STORMRIDER- Stormrider was formed in Stockhoklm, Sweden in February 1999 by vocalist YX and guitarist Strampan. They have quite a few demos, but what grabbed me were a few songs they uploaded to a German MP3 site that I go to a lot. I heard the song "Completely Dead" and became an instant fan. Since then, I bought their most recent album "First Battle Won". Read the review here. Stormrider is on MySpace ( http://www.myspace.com/stormridersweden ), has a homepage ( http://www.stormrider.se ) and are currently looking for a decent label to release their most recent effort "Lucifer Rising". Two songs posted on their MySpace and home page. Check them out. You'll be happy you did. (Skalk)


ASH- Ash is an American two-piece recording project formed in the last month of 2004. I got into them around mid October 2005. I found them via downloads online, and then later found them on MySpace. They are heavily influenced by classic and current Black Metal, but also make great efforts to avoid being labled and filed away. Their demo "Boneyeard" is now ready for kvlt status because it is gone and not being re-released as a demo. I'm hoping it's not too much longer before they put out a full release. Ash is on MySpace ( http://www.myspace.com/ash ) and a homepage ( http://www.ash-usbm.com ). No review yet because I don't have anything by them on CD, just downloads. (Skalk)


APOCALYPSE- Apocalypse is a 6-piece lineup of intense Black Metal from Calgary, Alberta
Canada. And as amazing as this may sound, they are 15 years old. Not the band, the members. Yes, the band members are 15 years old. But their sound reaches far beyond their years. Apocalypse emplys all the tools of the trade like veterans, ranging from haunting keys, intense blastbeats and doublekicks, driving guitars, and harshly demonic vocals. Apocalypse is on MySpace ( http://www.myspace.com/apocalypsearmageddon ) and has a homepage that needs some help but can be viewed at apocalypsemusic.com. Apocalypse has a demo coming out by the end of December 2005 and is planning on full release by mid-2006. (Skalk)