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The following is an online interview from 10/15/06 with Ditter, solo musician of the acoustic / folk project Fjord. You can listen to and download songs from his demo work on the Fjord MySpace page.

WSWB- Welcome Ditter, thanks for taking time to do this.

Ditter- Well, thank you for allowing me to do this.

WSWB- Fjord is a one-man project, yes?

Ditter- Indeed it is. It is comprised of myself. I started it around two years ago. Originally it was going to be some sort of folk-metal project. However, eventually it just turned into pure folk and acoustics. I felt it represented me a lot better.

WSWB- Even still, the connection with Metal is apparent. An acoustic approach to the same spirit, if you will. Where did you draw your inspiration from?

Ditter- It may sound clichéd. However, I feel most artists have at least some part of their inspiration from other musical groups. I would say mine was Empyrium as well as classical composers. However, the main inspiration, as well as the main theme of Fjord, is and always will be Nature.

WSWB- That's the best inspiration there is, considering how personal your music sounds. The lyrics to "In This Garden" give me the impression they have a deeper metaphorical meaning for you. Anything you'd like to share?

Ditter- The lyrics to that song was actually contributed by a close friend of mine, whom I forgot to mention will join the Fjord project in the future. What it means is up to him. I felt the lyrics were beautiful. He has not bothered to divulge that information to me and I have not asked. Sometimes when writing songs something personal may come out. Some people feel "well how personal can a song released tot he public be". Many times I write music for myself. I write it for my purposes. It just happens to work well and I think that others would enjoy it. You either get it or you do not. I write all my own lyrics, and I have many more lyrics that are not released yet that are as deep and personal. However, my friend Robert did an excellent job and I commend him for that. I am sorry if could not really give you the answer you were looking for.

WSWB- No, that was perfect. I totally understand the catharsis of writing lyrics. Will all of your songs have lyrics eventually or are some intended to be specifically instrumental?

Ditter- I cannot really tell you that. Sometimes I write music and it would just not sound write with lyrics and vice versa. There will always be some instrumental and some with lyrics. However I cannot really tell you how many of each. What I try to do, and hopefully it works with some people, is present an image or several images strictly through the music. The best music for me is something that really takes me to a different place. Atmospheric. A lot of Fjord fans have told me that my music does this for them and I thank them a great deal.

WSWB- Atmospheric is the best way I would describe your music as well. You play many instruments. How many total, and what are they?

Ditter- Thank you...Well I really only play the guitar and keyboards. I study classical music, fusion, among many other styles of playing. I try to incorporate some of it into my playing. I like to keep a balance of complexity, and minimalist style of playing. I intend to learn other instruments as well. However, I work full time and I am also a full time student at college. I have my whole life ahead of me though.

WSWB- For what my opinion is worth, you're on the right track. Your guitar playing is excellent. I say that as one that appreciates music and as a fellow guitarist. I am surprised, though. I thought there was flute on "In This Garden". It is a keyboard?

Ditter- Well on that track it is keyboard (which is a demo track). It is being re-recorded, and use it will be a real flute. My demo was made in the span of three or four hours. Nobody really had flutes lying around. I just anted to get it done. However the final songs, after being re-recorded, will be of better recording as well as have some things slightly altered or subtle things added. Essentially it will sound better. Thank you for your appreciation by the way.

WSWB- It's what sparked my interest in Fjord in the first place. And hold on... you recorded all of that in 3-4 hours? I'm impressed! Home recording, I assume, or studio? Either way, it came out well.

Ditter- First I recorded all of it at home. Then I recorded it in a studio. That was fun; however, I think I will stick to home recording. I am currently in the process of making more of a studio in my home. I do not feel as rushed or pressured when I am at home. The sound will be more natural. And yes the recording was very fast. I wrote the songs, so I knew them. I don't really practice them too much. I just...know them....flows out of me really. I am in need of funding though so that I can get this studio thing going quicker though. *sigh* money is such a problem. Haha

WSWB- I'm curious about your choice in the name "Fjord". How did you come to decide upon that name?

Ditter- Fjord's are majestic, beautiful, mystical, and strong. I felt that what my music represents, and the feelings it emits, are the same when I am presented with the Fjord. To me, Fjord's also another one of nature's most unique creations.

WSWB- Do you get messages from people expecting something more aggressive (music-wise)?

Ditter- No. I think for the most part people understand what I am trying to do. It is amazing how people that love aggressive music such as Taake, or Nokturnal Mortum message me telling me how beautiful my music is. Then I get messages from people listening to Tenhi, and Empyrium telling me how beautiful my music is. I feel that I must have accomplished something. I like to have that connection with those different types of music. I myself listen to black metal and folk/classical.neo folk etc...I to have that appreciation for the different styles. I think people should realize that not all "Metalheads" listen to Metal and Metal alone. Liking metal does not limit people to only one style of music. And if anybody wants something different with my music all I can say is wait for future material (which will always be different) or look elsewhere. I create music not only for others, but for myself as well. Although, on a side note, I do have another project which is a Metal project that I am trying to get going as well. Fans of Agalloch and Woods of Ypres will enjoy it greatly.

WSWB- What are your future plans for Fjord, such as will you be looking for a distro for your music or anything like that?

Ditter- Currently I am sending out demos to different labels and distributors. I would really like for Fjord to be heard by more people everyday. Ideally I would love to get signed to something great such as Prophecy Productions or similar. Many others I just can’t think right now haha.

WSWB- It looks like Fjord is getting some measure of attention, at least through MySpace. Over 5,800 page visits and almost 11,000 plays. You must be pretty happy about that.

Ditter- I am pretty happy about that. Of course the numbers could always be higher. I am just happy that people are recognizing my work and are appreciating it. I cannot tell you how odd I feel saying it, but MySpace was the biggest help of all. It really is a perfect way to get across to people. Again I must say to fans of Fjord, thank you so much for your support.

WSWB- Hopefully WSWB can help turn even more people onto your music as well. You deserve to be heard.

Ditter- Hopefully it will. I appreciate the kind words. It is always good to know that there are people out there that wish to spread my music around. Thank you very much.

WSWB- Any parting words before we wrap this up?

Ditter- Now is the time
I must follow that stream
Which leads to uncertain fortunes
And I may fall, as leaves do

WSWB- Again, thank you for your time. It is appreciated.

Ditter- Auf Wiedersehen