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The following is an online interview from 10/17/06 with Bill, basssist for the NJ based crushing Black Death Metal band Mourning. Mourning has a website and a MySpace page with 4 songs available for listen. They also have a full-length release on Ossuary Industries.

WSWB- Burning hails, Bill! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Bill- No problem at all. It's my pleasure

WSWB- To give readers a reference to where you have been, I know you were the bassist for Bloodthrone back in their NJ days. Any other projects leading up to Mourning?

Bill- Nope! Back then Bloodthrone was my main project. Mourning started out as a side project about 3 years ago when our drummer was recovering from back surgery

WSWB- For a "side project", it has risen well. You're getting some considerable attention online.

Bill- Yeah! It's great, knowing that we've received a lot of positive feedback knowing that we've got our 1st release "Blinded by Hate"

WSWB- Your MySpace page has over 5,500 plays so far, so it's obvious people like it a lot. Is your demo still available?

Bill- First off, so no one gets it confused. It's not a demo. It's an actual release. We've had some reviews where the reviewers consider it a "demo" But, to answer your question, yes it is available

WSWB- Noted and point taken. Available through email I assume?

Bill- The CD can be purchased through us or through or label Ossuary Industries and www.ossuaryindustries.com

WSWB- About the music... it's INTENSE! Such a crushing mix of Black and Death. Where did the inspiration come from to create such a brutal mix?

Bill- Well, Mike, J.J. and I come from a mix of different genres of music. Mike was guitarist for the death metal band, Dislimb, J.J. from the death metal band Divine Rapture and myself from the black metal band Bloodthrone. When I formed Mourning, I was looking to do something different that Bloodthrone. A band where I had more say in the music and what was going on. I wanted something that people from the black and death genres would really get into. To me, playing one style repeatedly tends to get boring.

WSWB- I know a lot of people would agree with me on this… you have succeeded in your vision! "Entormented Visions..." starts out with an unmistakable Death approach, but rolls into a more dissonant Black sound. Which makes me have to wonder, do you play fingers or a pick? That's some fast stuff.

Bill- I play by both. Mainly pick though. I choose this because it's easier for the speed that we play. Also, because I messed up the tendons in my right pointer finger which causes my finger playing to slow drastically while playing the songs. When this happens, I've got to try and switch from finger to pick without missing a beat.

WSWB- When is the next live gig for Mourning?

Bill- LOL ... not for some time. Maybe some time next year because I'm in the middle of re-building the line-up

WSWB- New Jersey seems to have a very well-hidden extreme Metal underground. Are there good clubs to play there, or do people gig elsewhere?

Bill- There are very few places here to play because of the 21 + issues. This leaves bands looking for other clubs or bars with more leeway to allow younger crowds in

WSWB- That makes things difficult to get a local following, I imagine. Do you find that your fan base is less local and more online?

Bill- Yeah, pretty much. It sux, but in all honesty, it's better than no fan base at all.

WSWB- No doubt you have received some raving and rabid emails, though. Like mine. Heh. Mourning crushes! I know you mentioned a lineup issue. Is there another Mourning release in the foreseeable future?

Bill- I'm hoping to have a demo version of 2 songs by the years end. But, the actual sophomore recording won't happen till some time next year. I'm still teaching the new guitarist the new songs and have another 2 songs to finish writing. Plus, I've got to teach Frank (guitarist) 2 older songs for when the big day comes again to play live

WSWB- This means your old guitarist Mike is gone?

Bill- Yeah, unforunately it does. Mike left Mourning due to personal reasons.

WSWB- Well, as much as it sucks, I can understand that. But now you're left with filling guitars AND vocals. Tough spots to fill, both.

Bill- More than you can imagine. Especially when it's difficult to find someone as good

WSWB (9:41:19 AM): My best wishes to you on that journey. It sounds like Mourning is still striving ahead with blackened tenacity. No doubt you'll carry on. But I have to ask this. If you don't mind my reaching back into the past again, what exactly happened with Bloodthrone?

Bill- Shit! Where to begin.... Well, after we finished recording "Shield of Hate," the guitarist’s attitude starting going down hill. Kind of like, "It's got to be my way, like it or not." No matter what it came to. This went on and on, especially after he married. That's when he and his wife started making decisions without the rest of us.

Bill- Then, he and the vocalists would make decisions on set lists without consenting me. That's when I got fed up and decided to leave the band and fulfill Mourning

WSWB (9:50:54 AM): I guess no gigs with billed Bloodthrone anytime soon? Ha. For what it is worth, I respect your drive to be part of the process. Mourning sounds like a collective of input.

Bill- Yeah, totally. Mike and I would always throw musical ideas back and forth. Out of the 5 songs we've got, 2 of them were written as a team. “Impending Doom” was written by Mike. “Destroying the Innocence” & “Embrace the Apocalypse” I wrote myself. Mike wrote all the lyrics, except for “Embrace…” which he helped me with.

WSWB- The effort is noticeable, and the final product is excellent. I'm really looking forward to hearing the evolution of Morning with the new lineup. When that day comes, the world should tremble. Anything else you'd like to add before we wrap this up?

Bill- For those of you who have heard of Mourning, or haven't, stop by and visit us at www.myspace.com/mourning and check out our songs. Visit our website at www.mourningthenewdawn.com, contact us through our MySpace page or email at mourningnj@hotmail.com . AND, of all things, purchase our CD titled "Blinded by Hate" and our CD cover t-shirts available through us or our label Ossuary Industries.

WSWB- I saw that t-shirt.... I am SO getting it!!! Again, burning hails and thank you so much for your time. It's approachable people like you that make the underground scene belong to everyone.

Bill - Infernal Hails bro! Thanx for the interview ... keep it dark and brutal. Help keep true metal alive