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The following is an online interview from 12/14/06 with Oplexicon, eclectic musician and vocalist for numerous self-produced projects. Oplexicon has a MySpace page with music for Oplexicon and Black Eyeliner Tears. He has much to offer in the future.

WSWB- Hails Oplexicon! Thank you for taking time off your schedule to sit with me for a bit. It is appreciated.

Oplexicon- No problem, it's an honor to sit and "break bread" with a legitimate and faithful metal guru.

WSWB- You're a busy man these days. On top of all the mundane life stuff you have going on, just how many projects are you involved with?

Oplexicon- Oplexicon (Black Thrash), Gilgamesh (Progressive Metal/Rock), Black Eyeliner Tears (Dark Ambient / Soundtrack), Forest Of Tears (Trippy Electronica)

WSWB- ... when do you sleep? That's load to bear. But you’re doing a great job. I've heard your work in Oplexicon and it really caught my attention. Let's talk about Oplexicon for a moment and then move on to FoT and BET. Oplexicon is aggressive, angry, and brutal. Blackened Thrash is how I would label it. What was your inspiration and where did the motivation / influence come from?

Oplexicon- Demon, and a few ideas for songs in the works came about when I was 15, being raised in a cult...a very intelligent if I may so, smart, kid, hidden from the world, influenced by hatred for religion; lots of time alone reading and think...the name Oplexicon is derived from a demon created in the cult...basically an oppressor of missionary’s...It's very angry and heavy stuff...It's a side of Me. I attached myself to bands like Emperor, and Mayhem at an early age, when the bands were still new to ears across the globe...I was always a singer and into music and since I shared the same philosophical ideals as someone like Ihsahn for example, it was only natural to express it in song and I wanted to be in a band.

WSWB- Some of your influences are certainly different, I can't say I've known anyone before yourself that was raised in a cult. The result is certainly enigmatic. "Demon" completely crushes, but then "God Of Suicide" takes such a different turn, and the influence for "Warriors" is to me apparent and sounds like a tribute to the band that you drew inspiration from. All very well done, all very different.

Oplexicon- It's where my mind was and is at....I'm not afraid to express myself 1st of all, which is evident in the fact I do what I do, regardless of who likes it or not...and to my satisfaction, most I've come in contact with, embrace this new approach to a genre (black metal), that is being raped and mimicked and exploited by cheap wannabes with Halloween paint on. Sure, I'm not saying I'm Emperor's or Immortals successor, just saying we have true feeling. It's all real, having said that, despite criticism from critics for bands like Emperor who (thanks to Ihsahn), changed directions musically; I too felt that borrowing elements from other genres was TRUE artistic expression, so that explains the original sounds, and or the change up and noticeable diversity between each song.

WSWB- In the position I'm in, you can imagine I have contact with a lot of bands. You may be happy to know that the underground Black Metal culture in the US is strong and vibrant, just horribly unorganized separated from itself. If it were to organize, it would be as strong as the original Black Metal movement in Scandinavia in the early 90's. I honestly believe that. I also pay you my respect for your efforts and for your tenacity in music. I know that I have been a critical voice in your past and you are undaunted. You create music for yourself, for the art and the satisfaction. In that you have achieved everything. It's not about albums or tours, it's about fulfillment. Few people understand that. You do.

Oplexicon- There's nothing better than expression, clean concise expression--that's what Oplexicon is for me...its s sort of release/self-therapy. I have my nihilistic views and whatnot, but I Am socially aware and not covered in paint to make my point. It's actually just as strong and in MANY cases, stronger. People take me seriously. A big influence would be one of my all-time favorite films (I Am also a filmmaker), Falling Down starring Michael Douglas...an ordinary man, ordinary clothes walking through life....same rage as a gangster, "black metal warrior" or whatever u want to call it....I just have class in my expression. I try.

WSWB- I think you are doing very well. Hopefully more people will find their way to you and consider your work and philosophy. What is next for you? What project do you feel yourself leaning towards?

Oplexicon- As soon as I get my guitar rig setup, as much as I'm busy with Forest Of tears; I'm going to start thrashing out riffs for Gilgamesh--it's a serious project. as mans as I have and AM involved in, I'm very focused...I mean, you judge me...I did FOW, and Black Eyeliner.....and listen to my vocals, and such...perfect mastering, clear thought-provoking lyrics and composition...I'm focused, but look forward to some label releasing Oplexicon soon!! And some killer shit ala-Megadeth-meets-Dimmu Borgir with Symphony X/ with Queensryche vocals mixed in.

WSWB- I have "judged" you already in the past, and found you to be mighty! You were one of the first people I contacted when I first joined MySpace, and there's a reason for that. Your work is impressive and rings of a true spirit. No amount of training or equipment can replace that one thing. I like what you do. That having been said... you know I need to be on the pre-release test press list, right? I'm so looking forward to hearing this. We talked earlier about it before the interview (Gilgamesh) and my interest is piqued. Thrash meets Black with Power. This should be very interesting.

Oplexicon- Oh yes, your on the list. For sure. Metal...I'm sorry, music needs more insightful and wise scholars and keepers of the documents like you...I appreciate the support...It's definitely going to garner much interest...the unique blend but the sound itself, a complete monster. Gilgamesh itself is a heavy name...Google it.

WSWB- Familiar w/ it. Read it. He was hero of the original epic saga.
Oplexicon (9:27:33 AM): Indeed, the oldest story, and funny enough the writings will concentrate on the future and evolution of man and this planet. .from ideas and teachings of the Shemsu-Hor to space, thoughts (the grays etc), and that sort stuff...2012-ish if you will. Not a huge conspiracist, but I concentrate on important matters in Gilgamesh, not that Oplexicon isn't, it's very much intertwined, this is just more direct a lot less about religion and the usual black metal mess done

WSWB- I apologize for this, but I’m going to have to go soon. Anything you want get out before we wrap up?

Oplexicon- We need a label to release the Oplexicon. Sadly we have been overlooked by labels because we are not a “girl” band or have a "Killswitch" sound. Don’t take that wrong, I am not a misogynist. I know you’ll agree about the slew of really BAD bands around that front a girl whose at most a 6 (from 1-10), who they have shriek a few tunes and tah dah they have a record deal and a following.

WSWB- Yes, I can think of more than a few bands with that arrangement. It makes me think they had the idea to sell out before they even started.

Oplexicon- I don't like the term 'sellout'...if Elton John said to do a song with him; with Oplexicon, I probably would!!!

WSWB- I think that you could make $1M per album and never "sell out". The spirit is there. That is what makes one "true". I think that is where the difference lies.

Oplexicon- Oplexicon ist Krieg!!! Or some such ha...I hope to start playing live (not easy to find musicians here), and music videos are in the works.

WSWB- Sadly, the mundane world calls so we have to wrap up. Are there any parting comments you want to share? Also, can I ask you to do this again in the future? We merely scratched the surface today.

Oplexicon- Yes, we can come to the round table and talk again. not a problem...it's always nice...and my parting comments are nothing in particular....but to keep looking at our page and yours for the current events on my projects especially Oplexicon. I Am working with big names like Porl of the cure, I'm hoping to have a song on a major motio0n picture soundtrack (that has nothing to do with him), so lot of nice and fresh stuff a 'brewing....oh and listen to Countdown To Extinction (I’ll do that. Recommend a random album from my collection after each session) done

WSWB- Porl?

Oplexicon - Porl Thompson, the Cure. THE Cure. Has had my Black Eyeliner Tears song on his page for nigh 6 months... is a huge fan and so is Rovert apparently. I only talk to Porl who I consider a friend now, like you... he's very warm and wants to work with me on Black Eyeliner Tears....talk about an honor!

WSWB- Wow… dude, ok, I am impressed.

Oplexicon- Ha, thanks a lot (so Am I) haha...the little boy who could...haha...he loves it. He will even provide art (he's a painter as well) for the album cover....

WSWB- A busy man always. You have my respect and my attention. I look forward to our next meeting

Oplexicon- As do I, take it easy.