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The following is an online interview from 10/18/06 with Autarch, vocalist for the enigmatric California based Black Tthrashers Lightning Swords of Death. They have a songs available for listen and download on thier MySpace page.

WSWB- Hails AUTARCH! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Autarch- No problem

WSWB- I did some checking up on LSoD before the interview, and man your schedule looks packed! How many upcoming gigs do you have?

Autarch- I don’t know exactly. There are some pending dates that may be added, one excites us tremendously, it is in a place of severe occult significance.

WSWB- Care to share more about that?

Autarch- Hmm. It is a place in California. The site that was used in ritual working called the desolate one. It renders the geography permanently haunted. Also, experiments in Crowley’s theory "Babylon Working" were conducted there. I will say no more.

WSWB- No more needs to be said. I hope your experience there is a fulfilling one.

Autarch- I hope we get to do it

WSWB- If you do, drop a line back and let me know how it went if you would, I’d be interested in knowing. I won't post it here.

Autarch- Of course.

WSWB- So the above having been said, I have a clearer idea where the vision for Lightning Swords of Death comes from. What else would you mark as an influence for your cold and dark sound?

Autarch- Folklore, sex, sci fi lit, drugs, abysmal discovery, and love for Metal and the ritual of the thing.

WSWB- How long has LSoD been playing together?

Autarch- I met Roskva in 1998. Finding our rhythm section was torment. Our current line up has been as such for 5 months. We made a demo a year and a half ago and decided we could not achieve what we wished to with those guys. It’s been very strange... Roskva got hit by a bus so we were down for a year.

WSWB- Ouch. A bus? Lucky he's still with you. But the Dark Gods of Metal are weird like that. I noticed you have a 2006 demo slotted. Is that going to see light by year end, or is it still in production?

Autarch- It will see official release. It is being mastered; we will announce the label soon.

WSWB- Oh no way! That's very cool! I really like your material I've heard thus far; I'm excited at the idea of a full release. I'll sit tight until it's ready. Will you be doing more shows once it comes out to support it?

Autarch- Yes

WSWB- With almost 12,000 hits and over 2,200 fans, I'd say you've got a good start.

Autarch- Yes but the MySpace tool is flooded with people who are not there for art, or what have you. I agree that on the philosophical side, Joe Fuckface visiting the crap out of a billion websites to advertise his bullshit so he can post an add in your comments page gets possibly exposed to a direct assault to his subconscious mind while doing this. That’s fine. But the numbers this thing creates can not be taken serious. Just visit the pages of everything you loath. Some nu metal band with like a million hits right?


Autarch- Psi attack good, but MySpace doth not serve lightning swords of death as a census for all I know there are 100 people that know we exist… if in fact we do exist. MySpace, like email, is a tool. It has brought us honorable allies, it is email with

WSWB- I agree, there is most certainly that... but the people that have found you there and have maintained contact with you, even though they know little of you outside MySpace, those are the ones I speak of. I've been disgusted more than once with the attention whores and the idiots that play the numbers game. I think there is a legitimate underground connection there, though. It's how I came across you, for
example. But no matter. What is next for LSoD beyond the upcoming gigs and label release?

Autarch- Much. But I’m not going to fuck it by saying anything ‘til it’s a month or two from the stores. Splits with bands that slay the golden plague and touring we play people want us to play; we will try to go there.

WSWB- I'll be looking for more from LSoD in the future, for sure. Any parting thoughts before we wrap up?

Autarch- Thanks, and if folks want to get emotionally raped to death in a ritual manner in their town they should contact us because I am plotting the plague course and looking for people to plot with.

WSWB- Thanks for taking the time. Hails LSoD!