MySpace Bands

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard about MySpace. But did you know about the massive resource it is to the Underground Metal scene? Here's a list of active bands with profiles on MySpace. Check them out, as they are mighty in one way or another.

Because I'm busy as a one-legged ass kicker at an ass kicking contest, all I'm doing right now is posting the band name, the link, and a genre label. Later on when I have time (hahhahhahahaha!!!) I'll come back and write a synopysis of each band like I did in the MP3.com links.

I'm all about the Underground, but I'm also about respect. If your band is on this list and for some bizarre reason you do not want to be listed, email me through MySpace and *poof*, you're gone.


Since this project has already become huge, I'm breaking it into 4 alphabetical sections. Someone sign up and help me with this. I'm only one man right now.


A-F... G-L... M-R... S-Z