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'With Strength We Burn' is about Metal, but specifically Underground Metal. It's goal is to support the underground. When WSWB first started out, it was due to the opinion that Underground Metal was nearly invisible on the Internet. Most of the popular Mega-Sites treat Underground Metal as a minor feature (if they mention it at all), and the more obscure sites can bog down into tiresome politics, raging interpersonal conflicts, or just have completely asinine content. Even the handful of sites that were done well had their own limitations, such as intense focus on a small number of bands or a specific sub-genre. In almost all cases the user interface was cumbersome, as if the design of the site was more important than the content. So armed with the knowledge of what was perceived as being "wrong", the following was created as the mission of 'With Strength We Burn'.

· To provide a “no frills” interface for the user (meaning, no flash movies, no animated gifs, etc)

· To have factual and verifiable content

· To remain as current *as possible* with news, information, and new bands

· To provide original content, such as reviews and interviews

· To focus on the philosophy, purpose, and music of Underground Metal in all of its different forms

In short, 'With Strength We Burn' exists for the Underground. That having been said, it should be obvious ‘With Strength We Burn’ is not intended to be all things to all people. As stated above, our primary focus is on the music and bands of Underground Metal. However, it would be impossible to not give the occasional nod to those who have grown to popularity. And that nod is always well deserved. Specifically, you'll see that in the "Reviews" section and occasionally in the "inverviews" section.

Also, while it is our intent to explore all genres of Underground Metal, content is dictated by the interests of the submitter. Right now it's a lot of Black Metal and little bit of Death and Viking Metal. Want that to change? Start writing for WSWB.

We hope that you find substance here, regardless of your reason for coming. You will find band interviews, album reviews, past history, current efforts, links to band homepages, and links to reputable labels and distribution companies. But as with all websites, ‘With Strength We Burn’ is an ever changing and evolving project, and is subject to the slings and arrrows of outrageous fortune. Sometimes changes are slow in coming, sometimes reviews are ill-timed... such as it is, WSWB is always looking to improve, to grow, and to become a stronger resource for the community. Feel free to contact WSWB.. Burning regards to you all…

-- Skalk & Phaewryn

(A necessary post-script)

We at 'With Strength We Burn' offer no support to or hold any specific allegiance with any group or organization. We stand for what we believe in with conviction, integrity, and personal accountability without having to hide behind a movement or symbol.

That being said, we may at times profile bands, musicians, and music that you (or we) may not personally agree with. Do not confuse "information" with "endorsement".