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Eternity Void- To Conjure Black Circles

Homeland: USA

Band Homepage: http://www.eternityvoid.fkon.com/index.html

Label Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/sidetosiderecords

Released in late 2005, "To Conjure Black Circles" is the fourth available release from one of New Jersey's best kept secrets in American Black Metal (the others being "Torrents Of Devastation" in 2005, "Demo 2004", and "Demo 2003"). The lineup of the band has changed numerous times, but the core duo (Evan Pontell-Schaefer: Guitar, Bass, Vocals. Mike Vecchione: Drums) has remained the same since its inception. For Eternity Void, this is obviously a positive thing.

Consisting of 4 songs with a total playing time of 17:45, "To Conjure Black Circles" demanded my attention with an explosive introduction, and that attention did not wane. The entire album is a mixture of distinct rhythms that crush while they caress, flowing seamlessly from blistering doublekick and grinding guitars into delicate acoustics and back again to aggressive blastbeats and heavy rhythms.

The guitar work is varied and interesting in both composition and sound. The tone has a distantly hollow sound with a frozen edge that works perfectly to create the atmosphere of each song. The technique is reminiscent of early 90's Black Metal styling with a heavier twist. Very tight and sharp. The bass rings through to establish itself at once as an integral part of the entire sound and as an individual instrument, running scales around the main rhythms. The drumming is intense and dead on. The mix on the doublekick will shake the bones out of your body with a full and rich sound. The changeups are constant and the drumming sets a solid platform to set the rhythm on. The vocals are harsh and convey a dark bitterness full of distinct anger.

The entirety is an incredible mixture of solid rhythms and dissonant harmonies that weave throughout. This album defines a true definition of "what" it sounds like, as a song can visit early Black Metal roots and then deliver a Blackened Death crush. From sweeping Epic sounds to blistering War, "To Conjure Black Circles" is a miture of many elements and is masterfully done. The musicianship is excellent.

I like this album a lot. I'm hoping for only the best for Eternity Void, and that a full-length is in their future.


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