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'With Strength We Burn' focuses primarily on the Underground. However, we do hail those who have ascended and create the works that will inspire the next generation of underground bands. Here you will find dozens of reviews of past work from bands who have grabbed our attention enough to write about them. 'With Strength We Burn' holds to the philosophy of never writing a truly negative review. It is a waste of our time reviewing something we do not like. The only time we will muck in the dregs of negative reviewing is when an album is SO bad, we feel it is a necessary PSA to other Metalheads.

'With Strength We Burn' does not actively solicit material from bands or labels. The majority of the reviews here are CDs we bought and own, or gigs we paid our own way into. We owe no allegiance to any band or label, which we hope lends additional credibility to the opinions listed throughout.

If you are a band or label who would like to have material reviewed, we are open to discussion. Contact us for mailing details.

With no further ado, enjoy.


Cd Reviews A-M N-Z (New additions 12/03/06)


Show Reviews/Pictures (New additions 03/04/08)