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Midvinter- At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon

Homeland: Sweden

Band Homepage: http://www.midvinter-studios.com/

Label Homepage: http://www.metalblade.com/

Released on Invasion Records in 1997 and distributed in the US on Death Records, “At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon” is to me an undisputed Black Metal masterpiece.

Consisting of 8 tracks with a total playing time of 63:29, the album is not for those with short attention spans, as only one song clocks in at less than 8 minutes. And each song is so very technical and involved, with multiple tempo changes, sound effects, and vocal range. It is truly an album that can be listened to over an over, each time more intricately dissected, and each time finding a new layer of ambiance that was overlooked the first time through. The song “All Things To End Are Made” is an excellent example of this. The depth of the instrumentals to the punishing assault of pure Black Metal, I have listened to this song many times and find it to be very enjoyable to listen to not only the music, but also the things going on inside the music itself.

Musically I find nothing but honesty. From the delivery, and of the aura that exists when the cacophony is unleashed. A wall of living sound created from a combined effort of blazing drum work, intense guitars, mournful and well-used keys, and grimly shouted lyrics.

Production on the album is outstanding. Clear and crisp vocals, well-mixed guitars that deliver that deep and frozen sound I enjoy so very much, and the drums have a cold and hollow echo that reaches deep into your subconscious. I do not hesitate to recommend this album to anyone.


All Things To The End Are Made
Hope Rides On Devil Wings
Noclicula In Aeternum / Of Night Primeval
Ett Liv Fornekat
De Vises Hymn