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In Battle- The Rage Of The Northmen

Band Homeland: Sweden

Band Homepage: None Found

Label Homepage: http://www.napalmrecords.com/

Released in 1998 on Napalm Records, "The Rage Of The Northmen" is the second of two offerings currently available from these mighty Swedes. But good luck finding the first album if you look for it. I had to buy both of my In Battle albums 2nd hand.

Consisting of 9 songs with a totally playing time of 37:55, "The Rage Of The Northmen" is an absolutely raging, punishing, and relentless offering that is truly pure Black Metal. Blistering fast drumming and shredding guitar work combine to deliver a tonal assault to your sense. Add this to deeply growled vocals and a little bit of atmospheric keys, and you have In Battle.

While the album is absolutely Black Metal in it’s delivery, conceptually it is Viking Metal. The lyrics and imagery of the album are steeped in lore, albeit a darker side of the lore. Much attention is paid to the concept of a pagan revival and cleansing the Northlands with sword, axe, and flame. I'm totally ok with that.

In the occasional "breaks" where the music slows down a bit, it is awe-inspiringly heavy. The change from face-ripping speed to bone crushing weight of sound is what makes the attack of this album so complete for me.


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