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Immortal- Sons Of Northern Darkness

Homeland- Norway

Band Homepage- http://www.immortal.nu/

Label Homepage- www.nuclearblastusa.com, www.nuclearblast.de

Released in 2002 on Nuclear Blast, “Sons Of Northern Darkness” is the 8th offering from Immortal, and is the first album for them with new bassist Saroth, as well as their first album with Nuclear Blast. Unlike other bands that suffer during lineup and label changes, Immortal has proven (once again) that tenacity and fortitude conquers all, and “Sons Of Northern Darkness” is testament to that.

Consisting of eight tracks with a total playing time of 50:08, “Sons Of Northern Darkness” is a mighty and totally worthy offering, on par with the best material they have ever done and is yet another masterpiece from a band that has made making masterpieces seem commonplace.

Ranging from heavy atmospheric tones and rhythms to all-out blasting assaults, “Sons Of Northern Darkness” maintains explosive power and aggression without becoming repetitive. The rhythm changes in the intense drumming and hammering guitars compliment each other throughout, and provide the platform for which the vocals are delivered. Slight key work and ambient sound affects are noticeable in certain songs, but it is subtle and adds an additional layer of depth. The entire album is amazing. In short, this is indeed an Immortal album.

Love them or hate them, there is no way to deny the incredible impact this band has made on Black Metal over the years. For some, Immortal is the antithesis of what Black Metal should be, in that Immortal is one of the best-known bands in existence. For other people, Immortal always has and always shall occupy the throne of Black Metal. “Sons Of Northern Darkness” is more justification for both schools of thought. My position on this can be made clear in three words… ALL HAIL IMMORTAL!

One By One
Sons Of Northern Darkness
Within The Dark Mind
In My Kingdom Cold
Beyond The North Waves