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Hades- Alone Walkyng

Band Homeland: Norway

Band Homepage: http://www.hadesalmighty.com/

Label Homepage: http://www.fmp666.com/

Released in 1993 as a cassette demo and again in 1996 as a MCD, “Alone Walkyng” is the first offering from this truly amazing and long-standing Norwegian outfit (which is currently known as Hades Almighty).

Consisting of 3 tracks with a total playing time of 20:31, “Alone Walkyng” is a deeply toned sonic experience with slow-paced rhythms and a very cold feel to it. Acoustic interludes are dispersed throughout, which contrast well to the crushing weight of the rest of the music. Guitars are raw and grinding, with bar chords being the rule more than the exception. The drumming is very heavy, and delivers and enormously weighted feeling, even in the lighter parts. The vocals are bitter and hatefully shouted, but also have moments of sweeping melody.

The overall atmosphere on this album is dark and crawling, with intense heaviness. This is accomplished through raw production, deeply echoed vocals, and plenty of reverb on the guitars. It is the pace of the music that gets my attention, though. The slow heavy sound punctuated with intense screams and bitter shouts… the overall delivery is excellent. Hades has long been one of my more preferred bands, and this album is exactly why. The power on this album is derived from honest and pure intent, and it shines through in every note, from beginning to end. Hades earned my respect with this album, has kept it through the years, and I fully expect they will keep it for as long as they exist.


Unholy Congregation
Hecate (Queen of Hades)
Alone Walkyng