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Frostmoon- Tordenkrig

Band Homeland: Norway

Band Homepage: None Found

Label Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Cabaret/3878/

Released in 1999 on Oskorei Productions, “Tordenkrig” is the first full offering from Frostmoon, although there are numerous demos and a 7” that preceded this release. Originally on Oskorei Productions for a compilation, the label was so impressed with the sound that they signed Frostmoon. This CD is a collaboration between Frostmoon, Oskorei Productions, and Sound Riot. It contains previous material from the Oskorei 7”, two previously unreleased tracks, and a hint of their next album entitled “Black Bestial Funeral”.

Consisting of 10 tracks with a total playing time of 33:59, “Todenkrig” is a mix of Progressive Black Metal and Viking harmonies. All instruments are played by one man (Massacra) and arranged by Vinterfrost. The sound is deep and rich, very distant and dark. The guitar work is brilliant, and is without a doubt the shining factor on this album. Even after mutiple listens, I find myself focusing on this singular element. But guitars alone to not an album make. The rest of the atmosphere is created with programmed drums (that do not sound programmed, incidentally) light keys in parts, and sweeping vocals that harmonize even when grim and bitter. The only thing that detracts from the sound is the use of “AM radio” vocal distortion, which I absolutely hate and I wish they were not on this album. It is evident that Massacra can sing well, both clean and grim, which only adds to my frustration. I see no reason at all why he insisted in using this effect. In all honestly, it detracts from the sound so much that no matter how much I like the rest of the album, I find it hard to get past the vocal effects. If this is “art”, then I guess I just don’t get “art”.

But notwithstanding, the album is an excellent offering. Musically, I enjoy it very much, and vocals be damned, it still finds spin time in my CD player. The power and energy on this album is absolutely pure, and for that reason alone they would have my respect. But couple honest power with talented musical ability and original composition, and what you wind up with is an album that makes a heavy impact. This is my first exposure to this band, but I’ll be seeking more from them.


Iskaldt Raseri
Norgesriket Hylles
Bersker Au Morkel
For Alltid
A Funeral Memorial
Behind the Snowcovered Mountains
Attack of the Northern Frostwinds
Black Bestial Funeral