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Falkenbach- “...en their medh riki fara...”

Band Homeland: Germany (?) Iceland (?)

Band Homepage: None Found

Label Homepage: http://www.no-colours-records.de/

Released in 1996 on No Colours Records, “...en their medh riki fara” is the first full length offering of two CDs currently in existence from the enigmatic lone artist know as Vratyas Vakyas. Claiming Iceland as his homeland, evidence points to his location as being Germany. But his location and origin is of small concern, as it is his brilliant and amazing music that got my attention.

Consisting of 7 tracks with a total playing time of 42:46, “...en their medh riki fara...” is an incredible musical journey, ranging from ancient Arabic and medieval melodies, acoustical guitar, blasting Black Metal assaults, Viking choruses, and some of the best sounding keys I have ever heard on any album, Black Metal or otherwise. If a single description was needed to label this album, I would call it Melodic Black Viking Metal, but even there a definition falls short. The music on “...en their medh riki fara...” is so varied and complex, even this full review will hardly do it justice.

The atmosphere of this album is ever changing. The overall feeling is somewhat light, but with very dark clouds looming in the distance that can bring thunder and lightning without warning. Indeed, “...en their medh riki fara...” is a storm of musical experience and emotion. As if the music in its own right were not enough to move you, lyrically this album has the impact of a hammer descending on soft flesh. They hit you right where it hurts. And while I won’t go into depth about this, suffice to say that I identify with the lyrics greatly.

The vocals on “...en their medh riki fara...” are as varied as the musical arrangements. From truly grim and bitter frozen screams to warm and melodic clean harmonies, low chants and pitched shrieks, the entire spectrum is visited and in all cases the vocals are delivered in perfect form.

From a Black Metal standpoint, the music is raw, abrasive, very aggressive, and pure. And while not a “straight” Black Metal album in terms of being nothing but Black, I still find the overall sound to be crushing.

Again, I know this review hardly does the album justice. Seek it out and hear for yourself.


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