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Emperor- Scattered Ashes: A Decade Of Emperial Wrath

Band Homeland: Norway

Band Homepage: http://www.emperorhorde.com

Label Homepage: http://www.candlelightrecords.co.uk

Released in 2003 on Candlelight Records, “Scattered Ashes- A Decade Of Emperial Wrath” is the definitive collection of Emperor songs, spanning their 10-year history from 1991 to 2001. For the novice, this two-disc set is an incredible offering, giving them access to the entire history of Emperor, including rarities and songs that only appeared on compilation albums. And for the completist, this album is absolutely essential for the mere fact that it exists. Which is pretty much why I bought it. It is, after all, the “new” Emperor CD. And to be honest, when I was ordering this, I felt a tingle that I had not felt since I ordered P:TdoF&D back in 2001… and I realized just how much I truly miss this band.

“Scattered Ashes- A Decade Of Emperial Wrath” is exactly as I expected it to be, which is a re-release of previously recorded material. But it is impressive just how comprehensive this compilation is. The arrangement of the songs is done well, with no more emphasis on their older material than the newer. It is very balanced, and is the ultimate example of all that Emperor ever was. And there is a feeling about this release that is very special… special in that it was hand picked by the band and given back to us, like they are saying "Here, these are what we want you to remember us by".

There are rumors all over the place with regards as to what the next step for Emperor will be. I was once in the camp that thought they would eventually come back for a new album and possibly a reunion tour. However, I've changed my opinion on that, and I no longer think they are going to come back. At this point, there is no need to. They have made their point; they have run their course. As it is with all things, there is a beginning and an end. I respect Emperor for going out strong and proud, instead of making me suffer through watching them die a sickly straw death that too many other bands have inflicted upon themselves by trying to change to meet the ebb and flow of popular culture. Emperor is a band that formed for themselves, wrote and played for themselves, and disbanded for themselves. They did what they wanted to do and they went out on the very top, battle-hardened champions who to this day are still referred to as the best Black Metal ever. How can anyone not have respect for that?

So it here that I vow to miss them no more. Instead, I shall honor the memory of Emperor and celebrate all that they were.

All hail Emperor.


(Black Disc)
Curse You All Men
The Tongue Of Fire
The Majesty Of The Night Sky
Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times
Wrath Of The Tyrant
The Loss & Curse Of Reverence
An Elegy Of Icaros
I Am The Black Wizards
Thus Spake The Nightspirit (live)
Ye Entrancemperium
In The Wordless Chamber
With Strength I Burn
Inno A Satana

(Sliver Disc)
A Fine Day To Die
Aerie Descent
Funeral Fog
I Am
Sworn (Ulver Remix)
Lords Of The Storms
My Empire's Doom
Moon Over Kara-Shehr
The Ancient Queen
Witches Sabbath
In Longing Spirit
Opus a Satana