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Dawn- Naer Solen Gar Niber For Evogher

Band Homeland: Sweden

Band Homepage: None Found

Label Homepage: http://www.necropolisrec.com/index.html

Released in 1994 on Necropolis Records, "Naer Solen Gar Niber For Evogher" is the first full-length CD format effort by this much-overlooked Swedish horde. effort in , this 1994 recording is a worthy addition to Black Metal even when compared to the current wave. But then, considering this is a Dan Swano production, it's hard to think it could have been otherwise.

"Naer Solen Gar Niber For Evogher" consists of 8 songs with a total playing time of 49:10. Those seeking the “true” Black Metal sound will appreciate the instrumental focus on this album, which is low on keys and heavy on guitar. Wretched brutality comes from a combination of bursting speed, hammering blastbeats, amazingly technical lead runs. It also has in many places a non-standard beat with many change-up (dead stop to explosive launches… soft melodic folkish harmony… another explosive launch) count in many songs that while very different and catchy, does not lend itself to chaos. Everything seems to blend into a harmony of darkness and terror, and it delivers a powerful punch.

"Naer Solen Gar Niber For Evogher" is raw intent but very well produced (with help from Dan Swano, for those of you who care) and the overall feeling I get when listening to this album is that it is well done and interesting enough to see repeated runs in my CD player. In short, if you like heavy, driving, and brutal Black Metal with no fluff, this album should find its way into your collection.


The Etherial Forest
Diabolical Beauty
In The Depths Of My Soul
Ginom Redande Lughier
As The Tears Fall
Svarter Skiner Solen