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Dark Funeral- Diabolis Interium

Band Homeland: Sweden

Band Homepage: http://come.to/darkfuneral

Label Homepage: http://www.necropolisrec.com

I remember reading a review of Dark Funeral once that stated "Dark Funeral was formed with the intention to create the darkest and most evil music possible...."

Released in 2001 on Necropolis Records, "Diabolis Interium" is the achievement of that goal. From start to finish, "Diabolis Interium" is 100% pure unholy blasphemous fury. This is the album that made every other album I purchased in 2001 pale in comparison. It absolutely blew me out of the water. Nothing else even came close.

Consisting of 8 tracks with a total playing time of 36:43, "Diabolis Interium" is an assault of the senses, both auditory and visual. Because there is much more than “just” intense bone crushing music to be found on this disc. There are also two full-length videos. One is the classic “Secret Of The Black Arts” and the other is “An Apprentice Of Satan”, a song from "Diabolis Interium”. That reason alone is worth picking this up.

Musically, this album absolutely dominates. From the very first notes of "The Arrival of Satan's Empire" a wall of unstoppable sound erupts from your speakers and it is nothing but Black Metal brutality. And is simply does not stop. Every single song is aggressive, heavy, brutal, and just pure Black Metal.

To say I like this album is akin to saying water is wet. I cannot possibly recommend this album enough. If you don’t have it, get it. If you friend doesn’t have it, get it for them. If you lose things, get two.


The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire
Hail Murder
Goddess Of Sodomy
Diabolis Interium
An Apprentice Of Satan
Thus I Have Spoken
Armageddon Finally Comes
Heart Of Ice