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Bergthron- Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder

Band Homeland: Germany

Band Homepage: None Found

Label Homepage: http://www.pervertedtaste.de/

Released in 1997 on Perverted Taste Records, “Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder” is one of three releases available from this dark and elusive trio from Germany. No homepage and no English reviews online made it difficult to collect information on this band (and also pointed out to me once again that I have allowed my Deutsche to lapse to near uselessness).

Consisting of 1 song with a total playing time of 33:25, “Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder” is definitely an underground “cult” recording that you always hear people talk about but never see anywhere. I bought this album unknown and unheard, banking on a one sentence description of the album. As usual, the Dark Gods of Metal guided my hand, and I was very pleased with my choice to make this purchase.

Musically, it is a conglomeration of many different aspects, such as deep and echoed keyboards, acoustic guitar, tambourine, blasting drums, shredding distorted guitar, and howling grim vocals. All this combined with stormy weather sounds, howling winds, & ambient interludes makes for a very interesting listening experience and after 6 listens (for this review) I can say that I will be looking for more from this band and will be rotating it through my CD player frequently.

Track List:

Den Treuen Dienern Der Nacht