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Amsvartner- The Trollish Mirror

Band Homeland: Sweden

Band Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Street/5238/Amsvartner.html

Label Homepage: www.metalblade.com

Released in 1997 on Metal Blade Records, “The Trollish Mirror” is the 3rd release of 4 that are currently in existence, but I’d wager any release before this is near impossible to find. If anyone DOES find the earlier releases, you know how to contact me. \m/

Consisting of four songs with a total playing time of just under 23 minutes, “The Trollish Mirror” is an adventure in an amazing mix between blasting and grim and sweepingly melodic Black Metal, with none of the “pretty” elements added in. No keys, no female vocals, just very aggressive and straightforward music, with some very interesting twists. There is a touch of chaos in the playing style of Amsvartner, and there is also a strong underlying Scandinavian folkish theme that runs throughout each song without being in your face. The layering is subtle, but if you listen for it, you will find it.

Another thing I like about this album is that while it is brutal and assaulting, it is not too mighty and true to break down into slower and lightly classical riffs. It adds an element of atmosphere that I truly enjoy. This is especially noticed in the intro to “Memories Of A Faded Kingdom”.

The only thing I found on the album I did not like was the fade out ending to “Underneath The Thousand Years Gate”. If that is all I can find to pick at on an album, you can bet that it comes very highly recommended.


The Trollish Mirror
Underneath The Thousand Years Gate
Memories Of Faded Kingdoms
The Wilderness Of Mind