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Aeba- Rebellion: Edens Asche

Band Homeland: Germany

Band Homepage: http://www.aeba.de

Label Homepage: None Found

Released in 2001 on Last Episode, “Rebellion- Edens Asche” is the third full offering in CD format from this unrelenting quintet from Germany, and I was quite happy to have it finally arrive. “Rebellion- Edens Asche” has been living in my CD player for many days now, and even when I pull it out to review something else, it invariably finds its way back in shortly.

Consisting of 10 tracks with a total playing time of 66:29, “Rebellion- Edens Asche” is an interesting marriage of intense brutality, catchy rhythms, and sweeping melodies. The first song on the album is an atmospheric keyboard overture, similar to the intro to “Im Schattenreich”, which means it is darkly sinister with deep tones and percussion. This was merely the calm before the storm, however, as the next song (and indeed, the rest of the album) is absolutely explosive and employs the best trademarks of truly great Black Metal.

Keys are used throughout most songs, but it is deep in the mix and rather than becoming a focal point, it is atmospheric and one has to listen to it intentionally to pick it out of the wall of sound. The guitars range from aggressive rhythms to rich harmonic tones, and the lead runs are over the top, shredding and fever-pitched. The changeups of the rhythms sometimes catch you by surprise. Vocals on this album are purely bitter, with sustained screams and hateful growls punctuated by shrieking lyrics, sometimes as a duet trading off grating screams. The vocals are absolutely perfect and I find them to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of this album. The drumming is programmed apparently, as no credits for a drummer are to be found. However, if this sound is the result of programming, then I think some “live drummer” bands should consider taking a cue from Aeba, as this is flawless and sounds excellent.

However, as stated before, all is not face-ripping brutality on “Rebellion- Edens Asche”. Light acoustical and classical sounding arrangements populate here and there, creating a beautiful contrast to the barrage of aggression that dominates this album. In short, “Rebellion- Edens Asche” represents everything I like to hear in Black Metal.


Majestic Veil of Darkness (intro)
Sacred Demon Angel
Once you summoned me
...Between Wrath and Anguish
Darkness - Embrace my soul
Dominion of Terror
Spiritual Evolution
Rebellion - Des Zornes Banner
Kristalltranen (outro)