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Abysmal- The Pillorian Age

Homeland: Norway

Band Homepage: None Found

Label Homepage: http://www.avantgardemusic.com/

Released in 1994 on Avantgarde Music, “The Pillorian Age” is the only album to have been released by this band (other than their 1991 demo ‘Nebulistic Obscurity’) and the band itself barely survived the release of this album before being scattered across Norway in the pursuits of other bands.

Consisting of 7 songs with a total playing time of just under 45 minutes, “The Pillorian Age” is a slower and much less complicated album than much of the Black Metal I usually listen to. The musicianship is basic, the rhythms are “safe” and overall it’s not going to stand up and shake the bones out of your body.

But that is not to say this album is bad by any means. It has a depth that I cannot quite describe without comparing them to other bands I have heard, and I generally feel that kind of comparison is unfair as it takes away from the individualism of the band. Suffice to say it uses a less direct approach, and relies more on the subtle nuance of the music to work itself into your consciousness. It is not an album that forces you to listen. Quite the opposite, it allows you to carry on with other things, but before long you will find that your foot is tapping along with the beat, and an occasional unconscious headbang will occur.

If you are looking to slow down a bit but still stay firmly within the realms of all that is dark and grim with a bit of atmosphere, this album will do that and more.


The Pillorian Age
Velvet Pilloria
Temptation And Undoing
Four Ravens Flews
The Sleeping Antarct
Thunder In The Gallows Land
Out Of My Flesh