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Vore- Dead King's Eyes


Band Homeland- USA

Band Homepage: www.vore.org

Label Homepage- currently unknown

I was first turned on to this band by the vocalist who I met in some elitist Metal chat on MSN. The chat room was lame, but he was not. We struck up a good conversation and talked much about his band, I even loaded some MP3s. But sadly, he went his way and I went mine, and the interest to check this band out more died off, as do many of my more noble intentions.

However, the Dark Gods of Metal work in mysterious ways. I saw this CD for sale, and I kept thinking…Vore… Vore…why do I know that name? One look at the bands home page and it all came back. I secured the CD in my basket and completed my order. And now I come before you all to give my opinion on this album.

Released in 1997 on Frozen Solid Music, “Dead Kings Eyes” is the 2nd of 3 releases, the most current being “Lord Of Storms” on Relapse Records (2001). Sadly, “Dead Kings Eyes” is currently out of production and there is no indication on the bands website that they intend to offer it again (their official advice is to check eBay. I’m not kidding). So I count myself doubly lucky to have this album. It’s hard to get, and it’s REALLY good!

Consisting of 6 songs with a total spin time of 26:38, it’s a decent offering of what this band had to offer 5 years ago. My interest to check out the new album is piqued like I cannot even describe. I usually don’t like Death Metal. But this… this is great.

Deep and relentless drumming is the staple of this album, with grinding guitar and growling vocals that can be understood most of the time (ala Chuck style) and happily, it has none of the technical stop/start/stop…. (pause) startstopstart timing that makes me hate most modern Death Metal. This is driving, hammering, pure bombastic Death Metal.

But the amazing part on this album is not so much the unstoppable juggernaut of pure Death, it’s track 5 titled “Albion”. No drumming, no vocals, just intense acoustic classical guitar. It is brilliant, it is inspiring, and it is beautiful. I was actually jealous when I listened to this (ok, that happens a lot, but I was especially jealous when I heard this)

I wish more people would play this and stop this ridiculous streetcore “Yo, we so bad, git down wit our bad seffs, word” noise. American Metal needs to be gutted and rebuilt. If Vore has remained true to the path they set out on with “Dead Kings Eyes”, then maybe we have a chance still.

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