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Unlord- Schwarzwald

Band Homeland: Unknown

Band Homepage: None Found

Label Homepage: http://www.displeasedrecords

Released in 1997 on Displeased Records, “Schwarzwald“ is the first of three offering to come from this secretive and (sadly now defunct) elusive band that hailed from “somewhere in Northern Europe” according to their label.

Consisting of 13 songs with a total playing time of 43:49, “Schwarzwald” is full of nothing but thrashing Black Metal brutality, and goes over the top with its embrace of all things dark and evil. But everything else aside for a moment, the thing that impressed me the most on this album, beyond any other aspect, was the unbelievable drumming! I will state right here and now that Stabath is the most incredible undiscovered drummer in ANY Metal band today! To say his relentless assault has ripped across my psyche like flames upon windswept plains is an understatement. I would pit Stabath against any other drummer today. That is not to say I disrespect those other mighty warriors one bit. I mean to say that they have yet to hail their true king.

The guitar work isn't anything to be especially excited about. It is there, it performs its vital function of delivering the wall of unending sound, but it's not anything I would call remarkable. There are some points where keys are used, but it mostly intro filler, and it totally adds to the already dark and evil feeling one gets from listening to this album. This is not an album you want to listen to alone in the dark. Or actually, it is a PERFECT album to listen to when you are alone in the dark!

I found the vocals to be raw and unpolished, and in that they achieve perfection. If emotions like hatred or bloodlust could be "heard", they would sound remarkably like the vocals of Yhe. And while I understand the vocal styling of Yhe may not be for everyone, I respect his efforts and his results.

This album is essential for you if you like raw and unforgiving Black Metal, and if you like drumming of ANY genre and don't own this album, you have no idea what truly great drumming sounds like yet.


Inferno Bizarre
Uprising Hordes
Where Fires Burn
E Caha Di Bela
Outburst Of Hate
Rivers Of Blood And Fire
Messiah Noir