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Unlord- Gladiator

Band Homeland: Unknown

Band Homepage: None found

Label Homepage: http://www.displeasedrecords

Released in 2000 on Displeased Records, “Gladiator” the second of three efforts by this now defunct band from Northern Europe. Shrouded in mystery, Unlord preferred to remain anonymous and simply concentrate on creating blasting and thrashing Black Metal.

“Gladiator” consists of 11 songs with a total playing time of 33:14. The album opens with a short “spoken word” (spoken word...more like blood vomited word) segment, and then an explosive force of chaos and sound follows into "Hells Gates are Open". That they are indeed, as “Gladiator” has been unleashed to bring tonal destruction to you all.

The guitar work on this album is screaming and sharp, and has a very distinctive Scandinavian Black Metal sound in parts, where in others it has a more straightforward Thrash Metal attack sound. In both cases, the guitar work is very well done. But as with “Schwarzwald”, I find that the most distinctive sounds on this effort are without a doubt the incredible drumming and the agony-inducing vocals. The drumming is delivered with machinegun attack precision that maintains perfect rhythm at any speed, and can deliver blastbeats that will shake your teeth loose. The vocals are screams of agony and suffering.

“Gladiator” is simply amazing. If you like Black Metal that is pure, raw, and aggressive, then you WILL like this album!

Into The Gates
Hell’s Gates Are Opened
Swallow All Pride
Evil Spawn
Impailed Liar
Crushed ‘till Death
Hymn To The Gladiator