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Tunrida- Hierarchy

Band Homeland: Finland

Band Homepage: http://www.tunrida.cjb.net/

Label Homepage: None Found

Release in 1998 on Solistitum Records, “Hierarchy” is third of six offerings from this inspired bunch of Fins. But interestingly this is the only “album”, the rest of the material being promos that occurred before and after this release.

Consisting of nine songs with a total playing time of 40:05, “Hierarchy” is dark and aggressive Black Metal with a very smooth melody. It employs some keys, mostly as an atmospheric instrument that takes occasional lead roles. The guitar work ranges from static rhythm to accomplished runs, but the most killer sounds on this album are when the keys and the guitar harmonize, and the doublekick of the drums matches the picking rhythm of the guitars. The result is a very frozen sound.

The overall atmosphere on this album is one of unknown mystical darkness. It is not a friendly place by any means, but does not feel hateful to me. It feels like empowerment, independence. It is without a doubt an adventure, and one I will be taking again and again.


My Finest Hour
Pathways to Cosmos Opened
Est Sularus Oth Mithas
God of Infamy, Lies and Fear
The Calling
Preacher of Immortality
Hierarchy of the Cosmos
Astral Majesty Revealed
Your Second Coming