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Throes Of Dawn- Binding Of The Spirit

Band Homeland: Finland

Band Homepage: www.throesofdawn.cjb.net

Label Homepage: http://www.avantgardemusic.com/

Released in 2000 on Wounded Love Records, this is the third offering out of three currently available (a fourth album is in the making at the time of this review) from these dark and brooding Fins.

Consisting of 8 tracks with a total playing time of 45:59, “Binding Of The Spirit” has found a top spot with me for melodic and atmospheric Black Metal (they call themselves Dark Metal, and I can see a totally new genre coming up within this definition, but until then, they are still Black Metal to me). Each song has the most tearing and savage grim vocals one could possibly hope for, and the accompanying score is usually somewhere between viciously brutal or enticingly beautiful. Slow and mournful melodies fill your mind with thoughts of utter despair, while the blasting attacks raise the hateful bile in your throat and make you want to spit hellish fire at those who oppose you. With “Binding Of The Spirit“, Throes Of Dawn manage to mix both of those emotions together without conflict, and that, my friends, is an incredible accomplishment for any band.

The guitar work on this album (both bass and guitar) draw my attention as it is executed with precision. I’ll be honest and admit I do not like some of the effects used, but I like the rest of this so much I can overlook the parts that, were they much longer, would truly annoy me. The drumming is interesting and fresh, with a lot of good fills and downbeat runs. The keys are absolutely perfect, as I find them in the music as an additional element as opposed to an overbearing lead instrument. But truly, it all comes back to the vocals on this album. I enjoy this very much, and I will have a hard time taking this out of my CD player.

The Last Rainbow Warrior Is Dead
The Warprophet Dreams
Binding Of The Spirits Onto Earth
The Hermit
Master's Garden
The Wanderer
On Broken Wings Of Despair