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Tha-Norr- Wolfenzeitalter

Band Homeland: Germany

Band Homepage: None Found

Label Homepage: http://www.nazgulseyrieprod.org

Released in 1995 as a self-produced effort (but distributed on Nazgul's Eyrie Prod.), “Wolfenzeitalter” is a purists’ dream come true. Basic and raw are the marching orders on this album, with a very healthy dose of minimal and angry. This is the sound that many would call the definition of “true” Black Metal.

Consisting of 10 songs with a total playing time of just over 61 minutes, “Wolfenzeitalter” creates an atmosphere of absolute darkness and bitter cold with just the workings of a reverb-thick guitar sound, grim screeching vocals, and “average” drumming (by today’s standards, that is). But yet, as limited as all that would seem to be, it is and incredible sound and a chilling atmosphere.

“Wolfenzeitalter” makes use of other atmosphere-creating tools as well, such as limited amounts of keyboards, piano, flute, and acoustic guitar. Most bizarre offering on this CD is without a doubt “Fegefeuer” which is totally synths and keys, and has a feel to it that reminds me of Kraftwerk (or perhaps I am making the connection because both bands are from Germany?)

Regardless, “Wolfenzeitalter” follows in the vein of early Emperor and Burzum. If you like old Black Metal with that raw and “uncorrupted” sound, you’ll love this. But good luck finding a copy. And no, you can’t have mine.


Tears For All Those Who Died
Calling For The Spirits Of The Elements
Sathanas, Triumphator!
Assault On Aerie
Bowels Of My Beloved Earth
The Fortress Will Fall
Tyrant Of A New Aeon