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Taake- Nattestid

Band Homeland: Norway

Band Homepage- http://taake.cjb.net

Label Homepage: http://www.avantgardemusic.com/

Released on Wounded Love Records in 1999, “Nattestid” is the first public offering from a lone man known as Høst who has but a single vision- to preserve the purity and purpose of Norwegian Black Metal. I’ll say up front that I feel he has accomplished this task.

Consisting of seven songs with a total playing time of just under 42 minutes, each track has a strong presence and is able to give a solid representation of all that “Nattestid” has to offer. The songs have no titles. They are simply numbered #1 through #7. “Nattestid” is very minimalist with its presentation, no overbearing “in your face” iconography or symbolic messages, and there is no need of any. The music speaks for itself, and the message is loud and clear, this is true Norwegian Black Metal.

“Nattestid” has a special brand of Black Metal that combines a feeling of being truly unique with a distinct feeling that you’ve heard this before. Which is why I feel Taake is the perfect example of what Norwegian Black Metal would have been had it progressed in musical ability but not expanded in musical style. Deep and bitter screeching growls, grating high-end attacking guitars, frozen and hateful melodies with the sweeping power of a North Sea storm, Taake delivers ever aspect of “true” Black Metal without one bit of fluff or unnecessary technology.

Taake is one of most favored bands. “Nattestid” is part of the reason why.

Songs 1 through 7