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Setherial- Nord

Band Homeland: Sweden

Band Homepage: None Found

Label Homepage: http://www.napalmrecords.com/

Released in 1996 on Napalm Records, “Nord” is the first of four full-length CDs available from what may be one of the most unknown Black Metal bands in the world that totally deserves attention. Sadly, Setherial is yet another example of how the best bands are not necessarily the most popular bands, and how the most popular bands are not necessarily the best bands. But I digress.

Consisting of 6 songs with a total playing time of 45:18 minutes, “Nord” has epic offerings in size, scope, and length. The shortest song on this album still hits over the 4-minute mark, and the opus of the album is almost 14 minutes. However, an impatient person could actually listen to and enjoy the songs on Nord, as they are so very complex and have countless changeups in each song.

When I review an album, the drumming and vocals are usually what stand out to me first and foremost. “Nord” follows that same line; the drumming on this album is incredible. Absolute power and aggression coupled with skilled fills and backbeats. The vocals are the epitome of all that Black Metal vocals should be: harsh, bitter, and shrieking. Combined with the distant sound of the guitars and atmospheric keys, I had to put a long-sleeved shirt on to ward off the bitter chill this album creates.

In all aspects, this album is incredible. There is not a flat or dull moment on this album. It is 100% true, bitter, and grim Black Metal. If you do not know of Setherial, then perhaps you should seek them out. Now.


In The Still Of A Northern Fullmoon
Mörkrets Tid
Över Det Blodtäckta Nord
I Nattens Famn
För Dem Witt Blod
I Skuggors Dunkla Sken