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Setherial- Hell Eternal

Homeland- Sweden

Band Homepage- http://www.nightrealm.cjb.net/ (under construction)

Label Homepage- http://www.napalmrecords.com/

Released in 1999 on Napalm Records, “Hell Eternal” is the third release from one of the most under-rated bands in Sweden. After experiencing lineup changes and switching to a new label, one could project that this album would be subject to the dreaded “third album” syndrome that has brought down so many Black Metal bands over time. I’m happy to say that not only did Setherial manage to survive, they prospered with blasphemous bounty.

Consisting of seven songs with a total playing time of 40:40, “Hell Eternal” is a blasting tribute to the extremes of Black Metal, and sounds as invigorating and energetic as their debut album “Nord”. Blazing razor-sharp riffing, all-out hammering blastbeats, and eternally dominant hate-filled vocals all combine to create a tonal attack of bitter fury. But unlike many bands that lose the weight of their sound in the pursuit of hyper-speed, Setherial manages to maintain an atmosphere of absolutely brutal and crushing heaviness.

If you like ultra-fast and purely aggressive Black Metal and do not already have this, you should get this album without a moments hesitation. And while you are at it, check out In Battle (side project) as well. Pure aggression.

Towards Thy Realm
Shadows Of The Throne
Hell Eternal
The Aeschma Deava
The Sign Of Wrath Awake
The Nightwinds
Guardians Of The Gates Of Flame