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Sammath- Strijd

Band Homeland: Netherlands

Band Homepage: http://www.sammath.nl/

Label Homepage: www.folter666.de/

Released in 1996 on Folter Records, “Strijd” is the fourth offering out of six from this amazing outfit from Holland. Blazing and totally aggressive Black Metal is their battle plan, and it is one that is executed with extreme prejudice. Sammath aims to crush who stand before them, and “Strijd” is an excellent tool for that job.

Consisting of 7 songs with a total playing time of 35:28, “Strijd” is and explosive assault from the very fist seconds of the album straight through to the end. Even the “light” parts are filled with sinister keys or otherworldly vocals to keep the atmosphere of darkness and terror fully in your face.

Musically, “Strijd” is very minimal and straightforward, with almost no frills except for the occasional key work, which works sometimes, and other times it’s just sort of “there” but doesn’t seem to add anything to the song. However, it is easy to overlook, as there is no lack of other things going on. “Strijd” is pure Black Metal from the old days. It is worth having.

De glorie van het slagveld
Zwaardbroeders bij de bergengte
De heidense vlam zal branden
Als duisternis de kasteel torens bedekt
Met de strijdbijl in mijn hand