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Salacious Gods- Piene

Band Homeland: Holland

Band Homepage: http://www.salaciousgods.com

Label Homepage: None Found

Released in 2005 on Folter Records, “Piene” is the third full-length release from this amazing and annoyingly unknown Dutch quintet. Why they have not yet conquered the world is beyond me. Perhaps they have, and the world just didn’t notice.

"Piene” consists of ten crushing tracks with a total running time of 41:51. Long and epic songs you will not find here, but unrelenting brutality and dark glory you most certainly will. My first realization on this album was the lack of keys, which is decidedly a dramatic change in their approach to composing praise for the Dark Gods Of Metal, but one that I enjoy greatly. This is 100% straightforward “in your face” Black Metal played the old way. It does make me wonder how they will play their older material live without a keyboardist, but that’s a concern for another day.

Musically, this album absolutely dominates. From the very first ethereal notes of "Knekelvoeste” to the wailing solo in “Slaughtering Blasphemic Hellforce”, there isn’t a single flat moment on this album. The speed is incredibly varied and can change from a sludgy crawl to shredding blastbeats in the blink of an eye. But it is not all shrill screams and thrashing insanity. There is enough sweeping harmony and frozen melodic tone (that offset the bone-shattering heaviness) and upbeat runs that make every song on this album interesting and memorable.

“Piene” is a perfect example of why I like this band so very much. Some may hear this album and dismiss it as regurgitated Black Thrash. To those people, I say that everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how wrong it may be. Salacious Gods breathe new life into a floundering genre, and in all honesty, they are harder and more focused than ever before.

This album absolutely kills. If you have ever considered checking out Salacious Gods (Yeah, I know... "who?"), then this is the one to get. It’s hard, powerful, and unapologetic.

And yes, they still wear corpsepaint.

Track List
01. Kneckelvoeste MP3:
02. Black Bile Desecration
03. Sarin Attack
04. Annexation To The Pentagram
05. Scars On My Wrist
06. Hexencult
07. Leskoald In Piene
08. Slaughtering Blaspemous Hellforce
09. Striem' Op De Pokket 1227
10. Das Todestal