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Potentiam- Balsyn

Band Homeland: Iceland

Band Homepage: http://server41.hypermart.net/potentiam/

Label Homepage: http://www.avantgardemusic.com

Released in 1999 on Wounded Love Records, “Balsyn” is the second of two releases available (with a third slotted for release later in 2003) from this Icelandic band. Prior to buying this album, I was convinced that there was no Black Metal from Iceland (aside from a handful of MP3 only bands). I stand corrected.

Consisting of 9 songs with a total playing time of 51:56, “Balsyn” is a spiritual journey through the darkness of the unknown. Majestic synths create an atmosphere of impenetrable darkness, while thickly reverbed melodic guitars and deeply echoed clean vocals come across with a crisp and clean yet very distant and lonely Progressive sound.

But all is not woe and despair. “Balsyn” also delivers assaulting Black Metal with a mailed fist in your face, and doesn’t hesitate to kick you as well once you are down. The combination of deeply mystical and visceral attacks makes this album stand out to me, and I’ll be looking to it more in the future.

To know is to die
The pleasure of suffering
Voices within
In unity
Latum oss biaja?
My journey into darkness
Flames of potentiam