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Naer Mataron- Skotos Aenaon

Band Homeland: Greece

Band Homepage: http://www.naermataron.cjb.net/

Label Homepage: http://www.black-lotus-recs.da.ru/

Released in 2000 on Black Lotus Records, “Skotos Aenaon” is the third full length CD of four currently available (with assorted demos and limited press vinyl also existing, but availability is unknown) from this Greek duet. I bought this a few months back, and even after multiple plays; I have yet to grow tired of it.

Consisting of 9 tracks with a total playing time of 55:30, “Skotos Aenaon” is brutal and minimalist Black Metal, but still maintains a very rich sound and has thick melody throughout. This is a very straightforward sound, with no frills or technological bells and whistles. This is guitar and drums Black Metal. Ranging in tempo from crushingly slow to hyperspeed blasts, each song has a variety of tempo changeups to keep the sound fresh throughout, but does not become so varied as to lose direction.

The atmosphere of this album is dark and sinister. Every song is delivered with intensity and absolutely brutal intent. The guitar work ranges from grinding rhythms to wailing single-string runs, the drumming is ever changing from thunderous doublekick to attacking blastbeats, and the vocals are growling bitterness from beginning to end. But even in this storming sea of brutality and anger, there is still melody solid enough to take a bite out of. It is a contrasting respite from the blasting attacks, and it compliments well with the overall sound.

Lyrically, “Skotos Aenaon” holds true to the spirit of Black Metal in that Naer Mataron sing of their heritage and history, but don’t expect to hear songs about the Aesir and Vanir on this disc. Being from Greece, Naer Mataron hold to their own Gods, and while they do a bit of cultural blending in parts, I can respect a Black Metal band that looks to their own roots for inspiration rather than lock-step with the trend.

Final word on this album, it is absolutely raw and pure Black Metal, both in sound and in spirit.


And Bloodshed Must Be Done
Diastric Fields Of War
Skotos Aenaon
Wolf Of Ions
In Honor Of The Wolf
Winterwar Memorial