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SIG:AR:TYR ( Canada)- Another amazing solo musician following his own path. SIG:AR:TYR is the project of Daemonskald and he has some incredible offerings to show for his efforts. It was hard for me to believe that this was truly a solo project when I first heard it. But yes, it is.

The sound of SIG:AR:TYR depends on the song you are listening to. They all share common Metal elements that bind them together, but also serve to profile Daemonskald’s passion for different aspects of Scandinavian-themed music. Each song also allows Daemonskald to display his 6-string mastery. I told him I thought his guitar playing was incredible. He was humble about it. You should listen for yourself, and if you like it, drop him a line and offer him some well-deserved respect.

SIG:AR:TYR has a full release available titled "Sailing The Sea Of Fate". Full review coming soon.

My favorite song was difficult to pick, but I’m going to with “Skuld” because it is the best example of everything he does. All hail SIG:AR:TYR.

Listen to them on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/sigartyr