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Drifason (New York, USA)- 100% pure Black Metal. I’ll say it again. 100% pure Black Metal. I could stop there. Drifason is absolutely 100% pure Black Metal. But so few words makes for an uninteresting review, so I’ll continue.

Drifason is the self-titled solo project of Drifason, and his quest has been to create cold, bitter, and unforgiving Black Metal. He has absolutely achieved that goal. This is music that could have easily found an audience in Oslo in 1991. But do not even think about dismissing this as a dead subgenre from 15 years ago. While the style is certainly a hail to a sound that many say time has passed, I stand with my Brothers in the belief that this sound is timeless, knows no homeland, and is the expression of a spirit that is universal in scope. This is 100% pure Black Metal. Nothing more, nothing less.

My favorite song is “The Mourning Of The Forest”

Listen to them on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/drifason