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Hailing from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New York, USA, Ash can be summed up in a simple word- amazing. But "amazing" needs some explination. Ash plays Black Metal the OLD way, but yet avoids the common trap of sounding like an "insert famous Norwegian band name here" clone. Ash provides a fresh perspective to a genre that (on other websites) would be looked down upon nowadays as it has lost pertinance and direction. Ash is a great example of why Black Metal is as strong as ever and has a dark and foreboding future.

Ash has one song available for download and three others for review on thier MySpace page. Their 2005 demo "Boneyard" is already in kvlt status, but the songs will be remastered and released in 2006 with thier first full release. Ash is a band that people will be talking about in the years to come. Check them out.

MySpace- http://www.myspace.com/ash

Homepage- ash-usbm.com