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Hailing from Calgary (Alberta) Canada, Apocalypse launches onto the Metal scene with an aggressive style of Black Metal with thick Death Metal influence that is straightforward in approach but certinally not simplistic. Layered harmonies weave throughout their sound, and the driving conviction is apparrent.

Apocalypse has a demo slotted for December 2005 and a full release by mid 2006. They have three songs available for download on thier MySpace page.

By the way, as a side note... the members of the band are 15 years old.

MySpace- http://www.myspace.com/apocalypsearmageddon

Interview coming soon.

Band Information provided by Apocalypse:

Pat O'Neil

Instrument: Drums
Years playing: 3
Influences: Slayer, Death, Pantera
Favourtine thing to do outside of the band: Chill with the gurliesss
Favourite Band: Slayer

Adam DeMone:

Instrument: Guitar And Vocals
Equipment: Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads Sig. with Floyd Rose Lock nut system,
B.c. Rich Warlock NJ series, Line 6 spider 2 30, GHS BOOMER STRINGS
Years Playing: 4
Influences: Dime Bag Darrell, Cradle Of Filth, Alexi Leiho, Kirk Hammett
Birthday: 30 05 1990
Favourite Food: Ice Cream. (oops)
Favourtie thing to do outside of the band: Biking
Favourite band: Cradle Of Filth

Erik Boger:

Instrument: Guitar
Equipment: Gibson SG, Gibson Les Paul, Dean Dime Bag Sig. Floyd Rose Locknut System.
Roland Cube Amp
Years Playing: 2
Influences: Paul Allender, Dave Mustaine, Kirk Hammett, Dime Bag Darrell
Age: 15
Birthday: 21 04 1990
Favourite food: PB AND J
Favourtie thing to do out side of the band: Again Biking
Favourite Band: Metallica

Jeremy Morin:

Instrument: Keyboard
Equipment: Yamaha Keyboard
Years Playing: 11
INfluences: None Hes just good
Age: 15
Bithday: 06 06 1990
Favourite Food: Ice Cream
Favourite thing to do outside the band: Pick up the ladies


Apocalypse Started July 1st 2005, this band is only 5 months old. The band consists of 5 members. Adam DeMone thrashing is axe and screaming like a mad man , Pat O'Neil banging drums like women, Jeremy Morin’s keys that range from different satanic pitches, Ryan Flemmer keeping it together with the bass and Erik Boger on guitars as well. The band had one show, and booted out old drummer Brett Somerset who was easily replaced by Pat O’Neil. They have gone through 3 drummers and a bass player.

Apocalypse has already hit the studio and have recorded a demo. This demo is set to release later this year, A date has not been set.