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Arrival (Finland)
Polished Black Metal. Hard driving and melodic, with thick keys and moaning guitars. Drumming is excellent, vocals are distorted, musicianship is very tight, production is high end.

Arthemesia (Finland)
Dark and rich sound, focusing on drums and guitar to lead. Great acoustic bits are featured here and there. The vocals vary from absolutely bitter to harmonic clean. Good production and musicianship. Many tempo changes throughout each song keep the overall sound interesting. My fave pick is “Draconis Infernvs”.

Blodsoffer (Finland)

Demonic Features (Finland)

Elderthrones (Finland)
Hard and driving Black Metal with a bizarre chord arrangement in parts. Very aggressive drumming and excellent guitar runs set the atmosphere, and the vocals are sheer grim terror, totally frozen. Light use of keys contributes to the overall sound without becoming overbearing. Musicianship is very good, production is not bad. My fave pick is “With Charcoal And Dirt”

Finnthomaz (Finland)
Raging and insane Black Metal, absolute furious aggression. The drums are a constant assault of unstoppable hammering anger, the guitars shred at every possible moment, the only thing that detracts from this is the overly distorted “AM radio” effect on the vocals. I really hate that, and while I can sometimes overlook it, I simply cannot here. Other than that, I like this sound. Musicianship is ok, production is below average. My fave pick is “Siberia”

Gloria Morti (Finland)
Blasting Black Metal with thick Death Metal influences,

Korgonthurus (Finland)
Very heavy Black Metal, “heavy” being used to define the atmosphere of sheer weight the sound of this band creates. Slow and thickly layered guitars punctuated with aggressive drumming and purely frozen grim Black Metal vocals. The tempo changes up from song to song, but overall this is a slower and very heavy sound. My fave pick is “Ikuisuuden Arvet”

Kuolo (Finland)
Melodic yet brutal Black Metal. Thick atmospheres and blazing fury create a genuine feel for this band,

Mirzadeh (Finland)
Mid-tempo Melodic Black Metal that is

Moonsorrow (Finland)
Melodic Black Viking Metal, very rich in tone and very

Sceptrum Mortiferum (Finland)
Raw and simplistic Black Metal with a very honest feel to it. Straightforward guitar driven sound, with the drums are very basic but decent. The vocals are absolutely grim and are what stand out the most to me. Production in low, loss in musicianship is more than made up for by attitude. My fave pick is “Kuolema”.

Talvisota (Finland)
Hateful and violently raw. The production is incredibly low, but the musicianship shines as being tight and very fast. This is a great example of a band that will be overlooked because of production value, and people will miss the incredible energy and absolutely honest and pure aggression. Get past the poor recording, this is a good band. My fave pick is “88mm”.

Trollheim’s Grott (Finland)
Melodic Black Metal with a solid Symphonic feel, tons of harmony and upbeat tempos that are punctuated with blastbeats and viciously grim vocals. Keys and guitar share center stage, and the clean vocal parts are absolutely beautiful. Musicianship is perfect, production is excellent. My fave pick is “Before The Day Of The Flames”.

Twilight Moon (Finland)