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The following is an online interview from 12/28/06 with Mendoz, guitarist of the Chicago based Black Metal band Veneficum. Veneficum is one of my favorite bands, period... so here's my groveling interview. They four songs available for listen on thier MySpace page, plus much more. Read on.

WSWB- Hails Mendoz! Man, I have to say up front that I've done some interviews with some cool bands, but damn... Veneficum??? I just about busted a nut when you guys said you'd do an interview with WSWB. I'm a huge fan! So really, form the heart, thanks for taking time to do this. It's my pleasure, for sure.

Mendoz- No, thank you for having me!

WSWB- Your last album is an ethereal crush of symphonic Black Metal. Any plans to follow this up with a new release?

Mendoz- Actually, we are finishing up the new album as we speak. It’s been awhile since “Enigma…” has been out, so if you can imagine us trying to get our ass's in gear, but not compromising the music of course. So yeah, a new release is in the works.

WSWB- That is awesome news. Are you sticking with the same label or are you doing something different?

Mendoz - Different! That’s an understatement. haha But in all honesty, we are going for something Much different, We sort of broke ties with "Forever Underground" records , (not on a bad note ) mind you. So where up for grabs. Haha

WSWB - If I owned a label, you'd be on it. Can you hint at where you are looking, or are those entire things top secret until the papers are signed?

Mendoz - To be frank, I’m not into all that side of the music (business), I just write music, drink beer support Our Local music scene and try to stay sane! I leave all that mumbo jumbo to "Coma"; he has a knack for the business side of music.

WSWB - It's good that you have that element in your band; I've seen good bands get bad deals because no one understood the business side. So I'll wait on that info and really look forward to the album! When might it come out? Any album title you can share?

Mendoz - We are really trying to push for mid 2007 if not late 2007, and as for a working Title hahaha it’s still in the Works!

WSWB - Tell me about your tour. I read blogs about it, but share with the folks reading this.

Mendoz - The tour was one hell of a ride! I mean it had it all that any good tour would have! First and foremost, we got to share the stage with our Brothers and sister of "Sothis" We drank allot, got to see the great state of Texas once again, although the Heat killed half of us, we being from the Windy city and all. But we all had a blast meeting people, just being out on the road and wanting it not to end. It was a good feeling

WSWB - I gave some genuine consideration about catching that tour but the cash situation stopped me. But you can bet if you ever come east and I can drive there, you'll be seeing me in the audience. Any new shows coming up?

Mendoz - We will be expecting you hahaha. As for shows, we have none in the works. We’re more preoccupied with finishing off the album to perfection (in our own eyes) then to do any shows right now, and did I forget to mention we have no bass player or drummer! hahaha

WSWB - No drummer? What about G. Reymond?

Mendoz- He’s doing the duties ,but his heart calls for the bass/singer position he’s so damn good at, But for now if need be he'll stick to drums if a Big tour/show comes up , cuz a session bass player and a singer are here for us, we have plenty of great musicians here in Chicago, but we need people that click with us that are actually into Our style of music , Until then the core of the band is still intact to write music , so if you know of any drummers send them our way ,cuz he or she would save "Veneficum" hahah

WSWB - I don't know f any in Chicago, but I'll keep my eyes open on MySpace. How often does Veneficum come together to practice on the new album?

Mendoz - Myself, Coma, and Masalbas get together at comas Bachelor pad hahah every Friday night, only cuz coma has all the recording gear, so we drink, eat and write music till one of us pass's out, or until we have some awesomely kick ass song! And for actually Jamming as a band, well G. Reymond gets the music via Burned CD, and he learns the songs on his own. Pretty weird huh?

WSWB - In today's world, not so much. I know a certain up-and coming Viking Metal band that is doing much of the same thing... ha. Had to get a plug in there. So what next do you see for Veneficum? After the album is done, I mean. Any plans to tour in support, or does that remain to be seen?

Mendoz - Got to send me your stuff! As for Veneficum when the album is done, I'm gonna get so wasted of my ass just as a sign of relief hahah. As for a tour, hopefully if we end up finding suitable members , we really want to tour "South America", slowly but surely I've been making contacts, plus me speaking the lingo and them actually digging Veneficum, I think we're in good shape! And we can’t forget about the good ol U.S.A. Weld like to tour the east and west coast. We know plenty bands to actually accomplish this, so like I said with a little work and muscle haha we will be playing your town!

WSWB - If you make it to MA, NY, or Montreal, your ol' buddy Skalk will be there. I really hope you get a good tour, Veneficum is an awesome band.

Mendoz - AHHH New York, I like that town! Hot women everywhere and great scenery! And if you come out ill be sure to have you buy me a BEER AND A SHOT OF SOCO!

WSWB - Wow, I get to see Veneficum and get you drunk on my tab? I'm there, Brother! Hahha. Hey, it just occurred to me we never introduced the band. You're the guitarist for Chicago USA based melodic Black/Death Metal Veneficum. Who else is in the band and what do they play?

Mendoz - well, we have" Masalbas "guitar extraordinaire and “Coma" Keeper of the KEYS and the all talented G. Reymond conquering the throne/Vox and bass! So that’s us in a nutshell hahaha

WSWB - How long has Veneficum been playing (this is the mandatory part of the interview, asking all the textbook questions... it’s not a real interview unless I do... it's in the Interviewers Code of Conduct book)

Mendoz - HAHAHAH nice I like that! Well let me go back some Moons ago. It was in 99 when myself and one of my brothers in Metal (Ceja) started something different then what we where playing at the time. So we wrote songs that where featured on the DYSPHORIA album, and recruited NACHT (rip) on drums to give us that faster beat then normal, and he introduced us to a VERY young G.Reymond to play bass, then we found coma on the internet hahahah of all places! So we started to polish every one into the songs, and it started to come out great. All we needed was a Singer! I sure as hell wasn’t going to sing , Ceja attempted, but failed, so A VERY young G.Reymond got on the mic and totally fucking blew us away, so that was that ,

WSWB - So young you mentioned it twice! I'm sure he'll appreciate that. I've gone on about how much I like you already, so how about dropping some links for places to check Veneficum out?

Mendoz says: Let me see! Well we have www.veneficum.com. Personally I like the MySpace page, you get to hear some songs and see little extras on there, the usual, hot chicks, Great bands (friends) and our mugs hahahahahaa. Oh shit before I forget its www.myspace.com/veneficum

WSWB- Here’s the mandatory “hard interview” question: What was the worst gig you ever played. No name necessary if you don't want to tell.

Mendoz - HAHAHAHAH I think if the guys where here they would have to agree it was, I believe it was 2001 Milwaukee metal fest, we just lost Nacht, so we recruited "his name will go untyped" to play drums for that show . The first song went off great, but the start of the second song he started up the 3rd song, so us not wanting to stop a song in front of so many people we went on chugging, myself and Ceja turned around, trying not to make a big scene, where screaming at "unnamed" drummer that we are playing the fucking 2nd song, he finally realized and did a roll and started the right song! but them 2 minutes felt like 2 hours ,I was sweating bullets and I think I had to swallow my heart back hahaha so that was the worst for me !

WSWB- AHHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh man... Well, at least you didn't name the guy. Harsh. That had to have sucked!

Mendoz - You’re telling me! But, unnamed drummer knows that I love him!

WSWB - We'll leave him unnamed. That was funny. Hey Mendoz, this has been completely awesome and I really, really thank you for your time. Any last comment you want before we wrap this up?

Mendoz - Like I said, thank you for having me and keeping Our Genre of music alive, may it be Death, Power, Black, whatever, it's all Metal its all ours, So my hats off to you and others who give us what we enjoy to read, and listen, And for my last statement, if your at a bar, and hear the loudest, drunkest asshole, its probably me hahahahaha take care brother see you in 2007!